Death sentence not violation of international laws: FO

TASNIM ASLAMISLAMABAD: Pakistan has emphatically stated that lifting of moratorium on death sentence is not in violation of any international human rights law.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam was speaking at her weekly news briefing in Islamabad Thursday about the EU concerns on capital punishment in Pakistan.

She said Pakistan has its own constitution and legal system which contains death penalty within the parameters of international laws. She said it is the fundamental right of the state to protect the lives of its people.

Tasnim Aslam said according to Article 6 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights every human being has the right to live and that this right should be protected by law. She said the actions that Pakistan is taking are in pursuance to this article in order to protect the lives of the people.

The spokesperson said Pakistan is engaged with the European Union and told them clearly its perspective on the matter. She said the EU also understands Pakistan’s position under which it has removed the moratorium on death sentence.

She expressed the confidence that this issue will not impact the EU GSP plus status for Pakistan. When asked about the Mumbai attack case, the spokesperson said the trial is continuing and Pakistan wants to see culmination of this process at the earliest. The trial got delayed not because of Pakistan but New Delhi had not given access to our Judicial Commission to examine witnesses in India.

She also reminded that trial in Samjhota terror attack in which several Pakistanis were killed has not yet started. She said we should not have double standards in acts of terrorism. This requires even handed approach and concerted efforts to defeat terrorism.

When asked about Afghan reconciliation process, Tasnim Aslam said this process is vital for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region. She said Pakistan has welcomed dialogue offer of Afghan government to the Afghan Taliban to resolve political differences. We welcome the renewed prospects of talks between the Afghan government and Afghan government.

She said Pakistan on its part will continue to support and facilitate the process in every possible manner. She, however, made it clear that this process should be Afghan led and Afghan owned. DNA

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