Deadlines and politicians

It has become a bad tradition that until the highest court of the country would not give a deadline, politicians would not fulfill their responsibilities. Governments are bound to hold local body election in the provinces but Supreme Court of the country had to give multiple deadlines to the provinces to do so. Similarly the appointment of the Chief Election Commission has become a tough job for the incumbent government and highest court again had to give a deadline.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Khurshid Shah to ensure the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner by December, 5th on which date it would withdraw acting CEC Justice Anwar Jamali from the post, and adjourn the hearing of the case till December, 8th. This is the fourth deadline given by the SC, and it is now threatening to issue contempt orders against the PM and the Leader of Opposition.
According to the constitution, only a retired Supreme Court judge may be appointed as the CEC, but the post of the CEC is an administrative one and does not demand a judicial role. Former head of CEC Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim was severely criticized for not holding alleged free and fair elections, so it’s the time to amend the law.

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