Daylight murder in Islamabad: Girl flees after shooting dead man

Staff Reporter

A young girl shot dead a man on the ninth-avenue road here on Thursday, surprisingly the girl managed to flee the crime scene on foot in the presence of dozens of onlookers.

According to police officials both the girl and the murdered man were riding on the same motorbike. According to eye-witnesses the couple abruptly pulled over the bike, and soon after the woman unleashed a weapon and shot at the man. The brazen murder at the well traveled ninth avenue left the onlookers in a state of shock. The woman used a 30 bore pistol for the murder and left it on the spot. The seriously wounded man was taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), where he was pronounced dead.

The deceased has been identified as Bilal Safdar, The Margalla police have started a probe into the matter, however the identity of the woman and the feud between the two is yet to be ascertained. The gory incident took place at the main intersection of sector G-8 and G-9, hundreds of people gathered around the crime scene even before the ambulance arrived.


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