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Day of Shame

Yet again, the country witnessed a horrific tragedy, rightly termed as a ‘Day of Sham’ by Prime Minister Imran, which has badly degraded the image of Pakistan in the world. This too happened in the name of a religion whose message is peace and love for humanity.

The tragedy that happened in Sialkot was an act that can be termed as anti-Islam, anti-humanity, and above all, the incident is against the teachings of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). But unfortunately, a violent segment of society or a bunch of goons has associated it with Islam, for their personnel gains which have nothing to do with the religion of peace, Islam.

The political leadership of Pakistan, civil society, and people from every walk of life has condemned the incident which has jolted the nation with shock. There is no justification for this inhuman act, and condemnation with strong words will not heal the pain of this horrific incident

Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday said that the “horrific vigilante attack” on a factory in Sialkot and the burning alive of a Sri Lankan manager was a “day of shame for Pakistan.”

On Twitter, the prime minister said that he was overseeing the investigations and all those responsible would be dealt with the severity of the law.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister termed Friday’s incident of killing a Sri Lankan factory manager in Sialkot as “unfortunate and shameful” and said the notice was taken at the highest level and the prime minister was personally overseeing the investigation. He hoped that the incident would not impact the bilateral ties as a Pakistani nation and the government had nothing to do with it.

On the other hand, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday expressed shock at the brutal Sialkot lynching of a Sri Lankan national but expressed confidence in PM Imran Khan’s commitment to punishing all those involved. “Shocking to see the brutal and fatal attack on Priyantha Diyawadana by extremist mobs in Pakistan. My heart goes out to his wife and family,” he wrote on Twitter.

Eventually, the loss is irreparable and the condemnation in any form will never be enough. In this condition, there is a huge responsibility on two institutions i-e the police and the judiciary. The government must ensure immediate justice to the Sri Lankan manager and must set an example, at least this time.

In this regard, a thorough probe into the incident must be ensured by the police at its earliest and the judiciary must take the case on an urgent basis to ensure the provision of justice and take the case to its logical conclusion. Moreover, before deciding if someone has committed any crime, one must understand that we are living in a state which has laws to govern our daily life affairs smoothly. No one has the right to decide if anyone is criminal or not, on roads. The tragedy of Sialkot will remain a black day in the history of Pakistan, now it depends on the police and judiciary that how they can defend the dignity of Pakistan. 

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