Dacoits deprive jeweller of 6kgs of gold in Khayban-e-Sir Syed

RAWALPINDI: Five dacoits looted a jeweller coming from Sargodha depriving him gold worth millions of rupees in Khayban-e-Sir Syed Area of Rawalpindi here on Wednesday.

According to reports, the dacoits stopped the jeweller who was riding on a motorcycle at gunpoint and snatched from him 6kgs of gold and escaped from the scene.

The highly perturbed jeweller, who fell unconscious after the incident, registered his FIR with Pir Wadhai police station after gaining conscience but the police have so far failed to arrest them.

It is worth mentioning that Pir Wadhai, Bangash Colony and Khayban-e-Sir Syed have become dens of dacoits and there are incidents of dacoities on daily basis.  However the Pir Wadhai police station, under whose jurisdiction these areas fall has not been able to arrest any.

Locals say that the dacoits are having a free hand and they particularly enter homes while people sleep and plunder cash and other valuables at gun point.


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