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Customs Seizes Large Haul Of Drugs In Jiwani Raids

KARACHI: Customs officials have captured a large haul of drugs in raids in Balochistan’s coastal town of Jiwani.

Gwadar Customs personnel in raids unearthed opium and ice (crystal methamphetamine) buried in the area, officials said.

The smugglers opened heavy fire, while seeing customs officials, but the customs staff remained unharmed, officials said.

Recovered opium was buried under the land surface in plastic drums, officials said.

Moreover, Korkhera Customs checkpoint captured 300 kilograms of hashish from a truck, according to officials.

According to officials, the overall value of the recovered narcotics has been around Rs 380 million.

In September Gwadar Customs officials recovered 820 kilograms of hashish at Korkhera customs checkpoint in Gwadar, chief collector customs Balochistan, said in a statement.

The consignment of hashish caught by the customs had a worth of 180 million rupees, the collector customs said.

“An oil tanker was halted at the Korkhera customs checkpoint but the driver fled from the scene after being stopped by the officials,” Customs Collector said.

“The hashish was found hidden in secret crevices of the oil tanker, which was destined to smuggle out to Europe,” the Customs chief said.

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