Curbing extremism

May 7, 2018

By Asif Mehmood

Attack on Ahsan Iqbal is speaking volumes of the fact that  the society is moving forward at full pace to be kept hostage to Extremism and this is the high time we must realize the nature of this alarming situation. The fact is not denying that terrorism is by product of extremism and while the state has done commendable job to curb the terrorism it has not done the needful against extremism.

There was a National Action Plan followed by Paigham e Pakistan. Does anyone remember? Just to refresh the memory here is the National Action plan:

  • After the Peshawar incident, government decided to proceed with the execution of extremists convicted in terror related cases. The Government has already started implementation.
  • Special courts, headed by the officers of the armed forces, will be established for the speedy trial of terrorists. These courts will be established for a term of two years.
  • Formation of armed militia will not be allowed in the country.
  • National Counter Terrorism Authority will be revived and made effective
  • There will be a crackdown on hate-speech, and action will be taken against newspapers, magazines contributing to the spread of such speech.
  • Financial sources of terrorists and terror organisations will be cut.
  • Banned outfits will not be allowed to operate under different names.
  • Special anti-terrorism force will be raised.
  • Measures will be taken to stop religious extremism and to protect minorities.
  • Madrassas will be regularised and reformed.
  • Print and electronic media will not be allowed to give any space to terrorists.
  • Keeping the rehabilitation of IDPs as the top-most priority, administrative and development reforms in FATA will be expedited.
  • Communication systems of terrorist organisations will be destroyed.
  • Social media and the Internet will not be allowed to be used by terrorists to spread propaganda and hate speech, though exact process for that will be finalised.
  • Like the rest of the country, no space will be given to extremism in any part of the Punjab.
  • Operation against terrorists in Karachi will be taken to its logical conclusion.
  • In the interest of political reconciliation, Baluchistan government will be given complete authority by all stakeholders.
  • Elements spreading sectarian violence will be prosecuted.
  • Comprehensive policy will be formed for registration of Afghan refugees.
  • To give provincial intelligence agencies access to communication of terrorists and to strengthen anti-terror agencies through basic reforms in the criminal justice system. Constitutional amendments and legislation will be carried out for this purpose.

Just read the point mentioned in this plan one by one and ask yourself a simple question: how many points have been taken seriously?

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