CTP prepares Security Traffic Plan for 23 March

RAWALPINDI: City Traffic Police (CTP), concerning the security satiation on the upcoming Parade of 23 March, has prepared a sound and comprehensive security traffic plan for free moving of traffic in the city.

According the plan, traffic from Faizabad to Rawaplindi and Islamabad will be suspended. All the traffic on Murree Road headed towards Islamabad will be directed to use diversion point of Double Road Chowk and by passing through 9th Avenue will enter Islamabad.

Whereas the traffic coming from Crawl Chowk will have to use Khanna Pull Service Road to entre in Islamabad, after passing through Shamsabad then via Double Road will approach 9th Avenue.

On these two routes, a total of 5 DSPs, 14 Inspectors, 40 Junior Wardens and 340 Wardens will be present at their duties to help smooth run of the traffic.

CTO Shoaid Khurram Janbaz told media that fool-proof security traffic arrangements jhave been planned for the 23th March Parade.

The City Traffic Office (CTO) further briefed media representatives that heavy traffic coming from Peshawar will be forbidden to enter the city and will be stopped at Attock Pull, Harow Pull, Margalla, Taxila and Chungi No. 26. He further told about the plan that in the same way, heavy traffic coming from Lahore and Murree via GT Road and Murree Road respectively will also be not allowed to enter into the city. DNA

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