Criminal silence of world community :India playing with the fire while

The latest unprovoked violations of ceasefire by the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) that started on the auspicious and festive occasion of Eidul Azha continued till date. So far due to unprovoked firing and shelling across the LoC and the Working Boundary by the BSF targeting innocent and unarmed civilians have left 13 people including women and 9-month-old boy dead, injuring dozens. The people living in the areas have been forced to leave their houses.

The National Security Committee (NSC) Friday held a meeting presided over by PM Nawaz Sharif, expressed resolve that any attempt to challenge Pakistan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty will be responded with full force. The armed forces assured the NSC that they are fully prepared to deal with any adversity at borders. The NSC meeting discussed the situation arising from unprovoked firing by the Indian security forces across the Line of Control and the working boundary. The Committee noted with deep concern that the continuing ceasefire violations by Indian forces had led to loss of precious lives and injuries to innocent people, including our fearless soldiers.

Pakistan had always expressed the resolve to maintain friendly ties with its neigbourers and wanted to resolve all disputes including core issue of Kashmir through negotiations. But in the same time, Islamabad made it clear to Indians not to consider its desire for peace as weakness. Pakistan armed forces are fully capable to thwart any aggression but always demonstrated maximum restraints. Islamabad wants resolution of Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people while Indian leadership not only refused to accommodate Kashmir’s leadership in the dialogue process but keep insisting occupied Kashmir as integral part of India.

One can easily differentiate the Indian approach towards resolution of the core issue of Kashmir through negotiations. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing an election rally Friday claimed that Pakistan has been taught a “befitting lesson” with the Army “shutting their mouth”, alleging they will not dare to repeat it again. Ironically, Modi not only accused Islamabad of violating the ceasefire but also assured those living close to the border with Pakistan that the Indian government will act promptly to provide adequate compensation to them. Narendra Modi while slamming Congress Party for targeting him over his government’s response to Pakistan’s aggression told “Congress this is not the time for empty ‘boli’ (talk) by them, but for ‘goli’ (bullet) by our jawans.”


The United Nations and rest of the world community remained silent over the Indians’ inhuman and cowardly acts against the Pakistani civilians. The United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon who have great responsibility on his shoulder also busy in lip-servicing as he hasn’t approached the Indian leadership to stop ceasefire violations. He has failed miserably in convening emergency session of United Nations Security Council to discuss the issue despite repeated requested made by the Pakistan for taking notice of this unprovoked Indian aggression. Whereas Pakistan has made every possible effort to resume the dialogue process with India but later keeps canceling the resumption of dialogues on one or the other pretext. Islamabad commitment in resolving the Kashmir issue can be gauged by the facts that couple of days ago UN Military Observers Group in Pakistan and India (UNMOGIP) were taken to Pakistan side of the Line of Control and working boundary to show them the damage and pattern of fire carried out by the Indian side. UNMOGIP being neutral observers would have to compile a report and send to the UN as per routine but Indian authorities did not allow the group to visit its side of border to assess the situation.

From the beginning, Indian leadership keeps making mockery of the United Nations’ resolutions. The Jammu & Kashmir valley has been illegally occupied by the Indian forces since 1948. Pakistan has raised the issue in United Nations which not only termed it as “Disputed territory” but also called Indian to resolve the issue through negotiations acceptable to all. But India never accepted the Kashmirs disputed territory and sent over 7 lac fifty thousands troops to suppress the Kashmiri people struggle for getting rid of foreign occupation. Over 95 thousands Kashmiris including women, kids and elderly men lost their lives while demanding right to self-plebiscite. Pakistan had always raised the just cause of Kashmiris on national and international level. Pakistan considers Kashmir as its jugular vein but despite unprovoked violations of the Indian security forces, Islamabad demonstrated maximum restraints and only responded to the situation to avoid civilian casualties. But New Delhi must not forget that Pakistan armed forces are fully capable to respond to any aggression with full might when it comes to defending the country against any aggression and safeguard the territorial integrity of Pakistan. Modi must have to understand that negotiation is the only way to resolve the issue. Instead of relying on its military might, Mr Modi should demonstrate maturity and sincerity and stop blame-game and point scoring.



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