Creation of administrative units

Democracy is the best solution to our problems because democracy promotes dignity and fundamental rights of individuals, social justice and creates enabling environment for international peace and reconciliation. It is the duty of every law abiding citizen whether affiliated to any particular quarters or not, he must raise voice for strengthening the system based on justice and equality and eliminating terrorism and extremism in the country .Federal Minister of State for Water and Power Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali has said that making new provinces is a provincial subject and if the provincial assembly of a certain province votes in its favour, it is its right.

The demands of new administrative units was made by the MQM Chief Altaf Hussain had proposed formation of new units in Pakistan. Ever since the demand for new provinces was made, political parties and other organisations have started issuing statements in its favour and opposition. According to MQM creating 20 new administrative units would ease the problems of the common man for whom protesting parties are holding sit-ins

When a population of an area exceeds 5 million, a new administrative unit is formed to improve administration of the country. He also claimed that the enemies of the province wanted to pit Sindhis, Mohajirs, Baloch and Punjabis against one another.

The MQM demand for creating came under severe criticism by the PTI’s leaders Arif Alvi and Nadir Akmal Khan Leghari saying they would not allow formation of new administrative units and division of Sindh would not be acceptable at any cost.

The MQM came out with immediate response saying that it has neither demanded division of Sindh nor does it want the province to be divided and demand was aimed at good governance, and devolution of power to the grassroots level. No doubt people contributed 90 percent of the revenue generated from the province but had a share of only 5 percent in expenditure that had created a sense of deprivation in the urban cities of Sindh terming it an discriminatory act against the people.

The demand of administrative units if accepted must not be confined to Sindh only and it would also extend to the rest of provinces. It would provide a great relief to all segments of the society. Masses living in far flung areas face immense difficulties on several front. A man living in Mianwali has to travel all the way to Lahore to get his job done. It takes more than six to seven hours to travel from one corner of the province to any other major city. People have to arrange domiciles for their kids, attend courts for legal proceedings. It has also become very hard for the common men to get the original documents of the vehicle, domiciles, health certificates etc etc as a man living in Khushab or any part of the city, province, if loses the relevant documents, he or she has to travel to the city or the province where the vehicles, domiciles and other relevant documents were registered. This is very painstaking process and have become a constant source of mental torture for the common man for whom every body from rulers to opposition parties; leaders keep claiming to address their genuine problems and provision of justice at their doorsteps.

There was a need for a decentralised administrative system as the population had increased manifold. But creation of administrative units must not be based on ethnic, or majority basis. The process should be aimed at easing the genuine problems of the masses they are facing for the past many years. In the absence of Local Government System, the problems have increased manifold. The system was introduced to involve the local people in the system to address the grievances of the masses besides devolution of power on the gross roots level.

This seems an uphill task as politicians have to develop consensus on national level and create awareness among the masses about the creation of administrative units and it’s benefits. People have to under stand that creation of administrative units is not a conspiracy but it would strengthen the federation in Pakistan.

But the country is once again passing through crucial time. Two major parties i.e Pakistan Tehrik Insaf and Pkistan Awami Tehrik have lodged a drive against the current rulers for the alleged rigging in 2013 polls. They are not willing to rest unless achieving their goals. While on the other side, the incumbent government with the support of parliamentary parties has rejected the major demand of both the protesting parties Now at a time the demand of creating new administrative units has again created division among some major political parties. The opponents of the administrative units are terming it conspiracy to divide the province while the MQM has decided to launch countrywide movement for the very purpose.



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