CPEC and ethnic fault line in Balochistan

March 15, 2018

By Abdullah Mustafvi

No one can deny that positive acceleration on CPEC is a major irritant for our enemy India and New Delhi can go to any limits to sabotage the project as long as trigger happy figures like Modi and Ajeet Doval hold the offices in decision making quarters. It will not be an exaggeration if we consider Balochistan as our soft belly under existing regional scenario. Balochistan, being the culminating point of CPEC, is in the focus of global players and obviously not all of them are the well wishers. So Balochistan is in the cross hairs of the aggressive contenders. Who can deny that competition in our heart land and at the borders is not a fair one? Every foul is fair in this war as far as it serves the objectives. Establishment of CPEC and its subsequent successful execution will logically bring a much awaited positive change in Balochistan. This likely acceleration on the path of stability and prosperity remains unacceptable to India which now stands openly in the arena with American support.

Striking at the soft belly with full force is a logical step expected from the enemy which believes only in coercion and annihilation. Frequent terrorist attacks in different parts of Balochistan confirmed this perception.

Network operating under Kulbhushan Jadhav was not only involved in terrorist activities like bomb blasts , ambushes, target killings and explosions of improvised devices on vehicles of LEAs rather it kept fanning multiple themes to perpetuate wide scale disorder. Weapon of linguistic hatred and racial prejudice is being applied to jolt the national integration. It is a time tested weapon which was mercilessly utilized by India in East Pakistan. We paid heavy price for our pathetic negligent behaviors by remaining unmoved till the outburst of crisis in East Pakistan. Repetition of similar blunders in urban Sindh since mid 80s enhanced the deadly process of destabilization and as of now provincial government is unable to manage only Karachi city without the support of Rangers. Division of society on linguistic basis led Sindh towards violence and lawlessness.

Confessions of Kulbhushan Jadhav, Uzair Baloch and many aides of absconder Altaf Hussain brought out the eye opening facts of Indian involvement in this deadly game of destabilization. Like Sindh, Balochistan is also being targeted with same lethal weapon of linguistic hatred. Playing the tune of Baloch rights with instruments of racial and territorial prejudices can never bring a change in society. Indian patronage to so called sub nationalist separatists is beyond any doubt. While being very clear about the intentions of India, for how long can we afford a state of negligence upon exploitable weak areas? Sub nationalist separatists always exploit the miseries of common masses! Deprivation of poor people from their rights provide sufficient maneuvering space to the foreign funded separatist elements for sowing the seeds of hatred against the state.

Deep rooted governance failure all across the Balochistan is the major weakness being exploited by our enemies.  Oppressed masses find no breathing space under the brutal orthodox feudal order of society. State will have to function with extra ordinary pace in repairing the deadly fault lines in Balochistan. Let’s set a new priority for the future by keeping focus on the welfare and well being of the deprived people of Balochistan. There is dire need to break the centuries old chains of slavery and treat the masses like a respected human being. Government should not relax on this front as any laxity on this account will bring long term consequences for the back ward areas of the province.

Access of common man to the basic amenities of life must not be compromised. Provision of quality education, health facilities, employment opportunities, skill development and fool proof security are the fundamental responsibilities of the state .Massive failure in discharge of very basic duties on part of ruling elite and other state offices have exposed us as an easy prey to the enemy. Few foreign funded separatist feudal tribal heads and their terrorist militants have no roots in Baloch society. It is only our pathetic failure and Indian monetary supply line which enables them to bleed the Balochistan at the time of their choosing.

This negative tendency must not prevail anymore! It is now a   final judgment call scenario for the decision making tiers. Indo – USA nexus is sharply aimed at sabotaging the CPEC and our governance failure provide them a favorable ground to ignite the fire of linguistic hatred. Balochistan cannot afford this anymore. Let’s snatch this weapon of linguistic hatred from the hands of our enemy! For this, our rulers are required to be on toes, exerting for the betterment of Balochistan. It is time to stand firm with solid actions to counter the beat back the deadly moves of our enemies mostly revolving around the ideas of ethnic violence and division of society on linguistic prejudices.

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