Court summons SSP for unlawful detention of Youhanabad residents

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday summoned Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigation Wing for detaining dozens of christian community members in cases regarding killing two innocent people in Youhanabad.

According to the details, the petitioner’s counsel told the court that the police have kept dozens of community members in detention without legal permission. According to the petitioner, the families are not allowed to meet the detainees.

However, Nishtar Town Station House Officer (SHO) said that the police do not have anybody in custody. The court rejected SHO’s stance and summoned SSP Investigation on March 30.

Earlier, the enraged protesters post-Youhanabad suicide bombings outside two churches about half a kilometer (km) at distance killed as many as two innocent people on mere suspicion of having connections with the attackers. NNI

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