Courage is as important as honesty for a guardian.: IG NH&MP

ISLAMABAD (PR)The biggest challenge faced by the Police is neither scarcity of resources nor the shortage of manpower rather it is trust deficit – a common man does not believe in police. People don’t consider them honest and also think that they lack the virtues of courtesy and sympathy. The masses also think that a predominant portion of police officers are ready to obey unlawful orders. In order to improve the image of police one has to be honest. One can only win the trust of public through one’s character.

The Inspector General Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema expressed these views during the inland study tour of under training ASPs of 41st STP to National Highways & Motorway Police. Your uniform would become a symbol of pride and prestige only if you develop the traits of honesty, courtesy and sympathy in your personality, he added. The Inspector General said” A dishonest and coward police officer does not command respect. Public would respect and adore you if you get your earning through honest means, be courageous and posses above board character”. He said “Your character would guarantee your respect from judiciary and politicians who would not dare to insult you”. He said “Courage is as important as honesty for a guardian.

Firstly you should be honest, upright and impartial. Discharge your duties under the guidelines of Quad-e-Azam. Secondly, when facing crises you should stand firm, don’t retreat by getting leave or making yourself sick, otherwise mobs would force your police stations to get the culprits released”. If this happens, police will be mocked and ridiculed by the public and country would head towards state of anarchy….everybody is responsible for the present state of situation, police has its own weaknesses and the government is not standing firm with police.

Police officers get involved in various cases and they have to sale their lands to contest the court cases. Some of the officers expressed their grievances that an occupational group has become favourite of rulers and officers of this group are harvesting anti police sentiments in Government. Police, in return, is also showing concerns over it. Inspector General advised them that in worst situations their ally should be their upright character.

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