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Country’s healthcare sector endures 30 Covid infections in 48 hours

ISLAMABAD: As the Covid rampaging launched into its third, more destructive, wave the consequences have been horrifying as only a 48-hour period on Monday the country has endured 30 infections in health workers alone who fight in the front lines against the global pandemic,With these new infections in the health personnel reported in this period today, the total number of healthcare workers to have been directly affected nationwide by the virus now reaches 16,035, according to the sources inside the federal health department.
According to the numbers break up shared by the inside sources on the pandemic affected health sector, at least 9,572 doctors; 2,300 nurses; and 4,163 various health staff have been diagnosed with the novel corona virus so far in Islamabad.
In this 48-hour period, at least one Covid infected health worker has died as well, taking the toll of the front-liners to 154 since the virus outbreak.
To this point, some 575 healthcare staffers are under treatment in 17 different hospitals across the country, while the largest share of these infected workers is from Sindh.
Sindh has endured 5,694 infections so far in its health staff with 53 having plunged to death.
Punjab suffered 3,377 virus cases in its health sector while 28 of them died.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the other hand reported 3,845 Covid deaths with 41 casualties so far.
Federal capital Islamabad has conceded 1,444 healthcare staff infecting with Covid and 11 of them ended up dead.Separately, Baluchistan reported so far 222 Covid cases amongst its health staff with nine of them plunging to death due to it.
From the Gilgit Baltistan healthcare front, 222 health workers have so far been diagnosed with the virus with three deaths.
Lastly, Azad Kashmir has so far reported 694 Covid infections in health workers and nine virus-led deaths.

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