Corrupt opposition cannot do any harm to govt: Sheikh Rashid

July 4, 2020

LAHORE : Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Saturday said the opposition is corrupt and money launderer which cannot do any harm to the federal government. The federal minister held a press conference in Lahore and said it has been proven that the opposition is incompetent which has looted the nation. “We will see ‘minus three’ formula if ‘minus one’ is chattered,” he stressed. He said that Pakistan Railways was operating trains with 60 per cent occupancy and bearing loss but it was providing facility to the masses across the country.  Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has alleged that the previous rulers looted the railways and took kickbacks in different purchases. He added that the railway was sending corruption cases of the previous regimes to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Sheikh Rashid said Chaudhry brothers are going nowhere while requesting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders to not discuss party differences on media. It is unfortunate that ministers are playing the role of the opposition, he added. Talking about petrol crisis, the minister claimed that prices were increased by conspiracy. The rates were decreased untimely in the first place, Sheikh Rashid said. He also predicted that sugar case might get serious. The federal minister told that Sikh yatris’ coaster bus met the accident due to driver’s negligence as the railway crossing was closed due to the train arrival but he still tried to pass sideways. Sheikh Rashid affirmed that the ongoing year is the year of Railways’ progress. The ML-1 project is revolutionary which will generate livelihood for 1.5 lac people, he continued. The minister said that after the project of Mainline-1 (ML-1) the track would be more protected to avoid accidents, adding that the file work on the ML-1 project was speedily in progress and it would be started soon. He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa for their special interest in the ML-1 project. He said that the current year would be the year of railways complete revival, adding that no worker would be sacked. “We will provide employment to more than one lac people in the railways soon,” he expressed his determination. To a question, the Railways Minister said that all concessions to the elderly people in the trains would remain intact and they could enjoy these concession in all trains.  He said that fare of the trains would not be increased, adding that he had rejected such suggestion already and burden of fuel prices would not be shifted to the passengers. China cooperated a lot with Pakistan in developing Railways, he said while adding that train fares have not been increased and the proposal is rejected. We have decided to hand over Railways’ cases to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), he told.

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