Continued suspense in Islamabad

Atif Iqbal

Free Lance Journalist (


After more than seventeen days of the constant depression for the people of Islamabad. Situation is still unclear; there are anticipations of further civilian disputes with the authorities. From the peaceful sit-in that had music to lighten the mood of the protesters and eatables of many different kinds on the Shahra-e-Dastoor. Now empty shells can be found with horrified protesters that are left with hopelessness yet again. The confusion that has engulfed the whole nation is deteriorating the foundation of this nation. Every individual of Pakistan who has the heightened sense of righteousness is looking forward for a peaceful resolve of the political turmoil at hand.

For the greater good, politicians need to be proactive on any uncertainty that might be experienced in the coming days. Probable solutions have been already communicated however the situation seems out of hand for both the government and the protesting parties. It seems as the people of Pakistan has been secluded from the future of wellbeing. The common man again suffers the most. There must be some sort of comfort area that these people could go to. The sad event that took place a couple of days ago, was something that would prepare any one to think on the direction they are going.


The concept of any conflict resolution is to create the common ground for all the entities. This particular situation has been so strict on either side that creating the perfect solution seems impossible. It seems as the one question of resignation has brought the whole nation to a halt. Asking if this is socially and ethically acceptable will not be wrong. The point from where the difference of democracy and kingship can be denoted is sacrifice. The problem at this level is that the political giants are not leaning on either side. The battle of giants has restricted the person to the very low social interactions and freedom which was the motto of Pakistan’s foundation.

It can be concluded that the support of the public is with all the entities. However, the march of the protestors was initiated for the unhappy common man. The protests were noted however the solution that would create the perfect scenario of harmony is still awaited. People of Islamabad have become the stake for the whole political endeavor. Hope of getting out of this dangerous situation is the only thing people have been left with. The basic beliefs of the people of Pakistan have been obstructed because of the political clashes.

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