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Consensus over moon sighting

In other Islamic countries, they have made consensus to celebrate the religious events on the same days. But in our country like many other social and political issues we are unable to make a consensus on the day of first Ramazan and Eid days.

But question arises that from ten of overall twelve Islamic months we do not have any issue regarding the date difference than why we can’t do the same for rest of two months?

Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee is the official body for moon sighting and the authority which declares the official start of Islamic months. Its decision considers final in rest of the country except from some parts of Peshawar and Northern areas of the country.

Mosque Qasim Ali Khan in Peshawar usually known for going against the decision of central body for moon sighting. It could also be said that Qasim Ali Khan mosque imprints not only the socio-cultural life of Peshawar as it splits Eidul Fitr celebrations across the country.

Some blame the Masjid, some blame the Ruet-i-Hilal Committee. Administration of said mosque and representatives of Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee need to sit together and try to make consensus so Eid and other religious events could be celebrated on the same day all over the country. This would also convey the message of unity of Pakistanis.

Some say with the advancement in technology matter of sighting the moon should be handed over to the scientists. A section of Islamic scholars believe that seeing the moon with the naked eye should be the criterion for declaring the start of a new month. A smaller section advocates that we can rely solely on the calculations, and there is no need to visually see the moon. Without endorsing one view over the other, I will simply point out that as far as sighting the moon goes, we could acquire great deal of help from science.

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