Confrontational politics only beneficial to anti state elements

Pakistan has urged the United Nations to implement its resolutions on Kashmir and stop India from unprovoked shelling along the Line of Control and Working Boundary. PM’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz in a telephonic conversation with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sought an effective role of UN to stop ceasefire viiolaltions which is continued till today. So far innocent citizens have been martyred while numerous houses were damaged due to the Indian firing along side working boundary and LoC. Pakistan has also conveyed to the UNSG the situation could further aggravate if New Delhi did not stopped unprovoked firing along side the working boundary and LoC. A UN Military Observer Group visited the affected areas along side the Pakistani borders to assess the damages and see the ground realities. The UN Group was denied access to Indian side of borders. The UN observer group was supposed to prepare a detailed report which was later submitted to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon. But due to non-cooperative attitude on the part of Indian authority, the report was not prepared. Pakistan has once again approach the UNSG asking him to stop unprovoked firing by the Indian army.

The Indian unprovoked firing comes at a time when the country is faced with multiple challenges such as recovering from flood devastation, operation Zarb-e-Azab aimed at purging country’s soil from terrorists once for all and ongoing political confrontation. The rulers as well politicians either sitting inside or outside parliament had a great deal of responsibility to shun their petty differences and forge unity which is the only way dealing with the challenges.

The floods played havoc in the Punjab, AJK and Sindh to some extent. Over 360 people lost their lives while irreparable damages were caused to the standing crops and public property.

Armed forces have launched operation Zarb Azab to flush out the terrorists from NWA with firm resolve to achieve the desired goals. The security forces have given a 36 hours deadline to the extremists in Khyber Agency giving them choice either to surrender or face full-fledged military operation.

The issue of internally displaced people ( IDPs) is also being dealt by the government and Pakistan army as these people are also facing hardship and are deserve help. The extremism, terrorism had badly damaged the country’s economy as over 10 lac IDPs are totally depending on the government to live with dignity.

Masses had been passing through an ordeal for the last many months and the apathy of the government, agitating parties and some seasonal politicians was most unfortunate and indeed unforgiving at a time when the country is passing through very crucial time. Anti state and anti democratic forces are once again out there to create anarchy , causing damages to already shamble economy and fanning hatred among masses to destablise the country. It is evident from the facts that there seems no end to target killing. Rangers have been given extra powers and assisting police in maintaining law and order but despite the arrest of some target killers, the bloodshed continue unabated while the most of the killers remain at large.

The ongoing political confrontation between the protesting parties and the government continued. Ruling party, protesting parties even those parliamentary parties’ leaders who were striving hard to save the system, now appeared to be working on their own agenda i.e. promoting their party’s interest. PM Nawaz Sharif had announced that he would not resign at any cost. The crisis has once again reached at peak. The PTI has approached Supreme Court seeking disqualification of the Prime Minister who according to Imran Khan lied on the floor of assembly arguing that he has violated article 62, 63.

The government keeps blaming PTI and PAT leaders for damaging the country’s economy. Both the protesting parties are being blamed for the cancellation of Chinese President’s historical visit. The visit has been postponed and efforts are on from both sides to reschedule President Xi visit. That means Islamabad still enjoys the support of time-tested friend. The government must demonstrate more flexibility when it comes to dealing with political rivals. If ruling party is demonstrating maximum restraints despite repeated ceasefire violations of LoC and working boundary by the Indian forces, then it must continue efforts to address the genuine grievances of political parties.

Under the prevailing circumstances, the ruling party and other political parties must keep the national interest supreme. The character assassination policy, blaming each others for the wrongdoings would only help anti state elements that are bound to destablise Pakistan. The killing of eight labourers in Lasbella and robbery incident at Abdul Sattar Edhi’s home speaks volume about the credibility of those sitting on the helm of affairs. These latest incidents are not ordinary crimes but seem to be part of well-conceived plans of anti state elements to destabilize the country.



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