Concerns over CPEC

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is being considered as a game changer for the entire region. The economic corridor is central to Pakistan-China relations and aims to connect the deep-sea port city of Gwadar to the landlocked region of China through an extensive network of 3000-km highways, railways and pipelines. Indeed with investment above 50 billion US dollars, this project is the biggest international investment in Pakistan. In addition to numerous economic opportunities it will bring, the corridor also aims to initiate a steady development in the energy and telecommunications sectors of Pakistan.

A project of such mega proportions requires not just a significant amount of commitment but also efficient legal procedures, competent technical expertise and a necessary infrastructure that can ensure supervision, management and implementation of its development.

A high level military delegation headed by the Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, General Fan Changlong has called upon Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif at GHQ. The Pakistan military has raised a special force to guarantee the safety and security of Chinese CPEC workers operating in Pakistan.

Some voices has been raised that even mega project like CPEC is being handled on discriminatory basis. It is the duty of policy makers to take in confidence to the people of other provinces than Punjab that this project would be equally beneficial for rest of the provinces. Its our prime responsibility to not let CPEC become another Kalabagh dam issue because its completion would indeed open new economic opportunities for the country which would boost up or economic prosperity.


We should not let CPEC become another Kalabagh dam issue and reservations of other provinces must be redressed.


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