Commuters, police exchange harsh words over blockage of IJP Road

RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD, Aug 25 (INP): Heated exchanges were witnessed Monday morning between commuters and police personnel who were manning road blocks on IJ Principal Road that runs between Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Highly enraged over the placement of containers on all the entry and exit points of IJP Road for the last 12 days, motorists and people traveling on public transport on the IJP road apparently lost their patience as both the sections of the road were jammed by the traffic including loaded trucks and no possibility of exit visible.

Rawalpindi citizens who routinely travel to Islamabad in the morning and return in the evening were surprised to see that all the exit points were closed with containers by the police. By 8:00am both sides of the road were jam packed with vehicles and there was no exit point. That made a large number of motorists jittery at CDA crossing point opposite to I-10 sector. They strongly stressed for removing some of the containers to enable them to get out. But the policemen expressed their inability to do so saying that the lifts are not available and they have to accept the orders of the superiors.

Reports received from other entry and exit points of the road spoke of similar altercations and at most of the crossings, the traffic police were invisible as they feared mistreatment at the hands of the travelers.

Many travelers in their resentment said that while the interior minister apologized over the difficulties of the citizens but these words cannot fill their stomach and they have to reach their places of job. Some went to the extent of inviting the ministers to travel on IJP Road and get the taste of problems of the ordinary citizens. They feared that if the present situation remained for a few more days, people would themselves take extreme course and remove the containers.

People in general requested the government to order the removal of the containers and ease their problems. They said all the vegetables are transported from fruits and vegetable market of Islamabad to Rawalpindi and the closure of the entry and exit points have created shortage of the commodity while the prices have sky rocketed.


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