Committees formed to register madrassas

RAWALPINDI: On the advice of Punjab Government, committees have been formed, for the security clearance and registration of madrassas in the district to embark upon the growing security threats.

The committees will also include the sober citizens and will keep eye over the income, students and activities of the madrassas.

The heads of madrassas said in this regard that the registration process was started in Musharraf era but the lackadaisical behavior of district administration, the madrassas could not be registered.

According to the details, to register all the madrassas of Deoband, Brailvi, Ahl-e-Hadith, Ahl-e-Tashi’ in the district 4 committees have been formed.

The 11 committees, which will be formed for Police circles, will be headed by officer of the Counter Terrorism Department, inspector of the related police station or sub-inspector of Special Branch and will be directly monitored by DCO.

Provincial government has clearly ordered the formation of madrassas committees and in its light, the formation of committees in all the 7 Tehsils of the district have been started.

Heads of the madrassas told media that this registration drama has been played every year by the government but the madrassas were never registered by the district administration. DNA

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