Code of Ethics of Pakistan Group is directional for other Media groups: Sherpao

Aftab shairpaoSpecial Report

ISLAMABAD: Media should not only appreciate the Code of Ethics given by Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze TV but also adopt these guiding principles and crusade for its further enhancement that is essential by all means for the development of society. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif should have altered tendency and known the difference between the good and evil in the field of Journalism. He ought to appreciate the good work done by Pakistan Group for their contribution in providing the guiding principles that is in my opinion an example for other media organizations and should be followed by the entire media in Pakistan. The was said by The Head of Qaumi Watan Party Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao while expressing his views in programme “SACCH BAAT” on Roze TV here on Monday. He said that Prime Minister should have appreciated the Code of Ethics given by Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze TV. He was of the view that for a true development and progress of any society it is essential to have an estimable set of principles to safeguard the culture, norms and traditions of community. He further said that our agenda and policy is differing from PTI’s policy and we could have joined Imran Khan in his protest if he had raised the voice of public. He said that Pakistan Army is lending the county together with government that is admirable initiatory. “For the first time in the history of Pakistan all political parties sat together to ply the parliament that is a good sign for the ontogeny of true democratic system in the country” he added. On a question about military courts Sherpao said that after All Parties Conference (APC) the cases of terrorism should have been referred to Military Courts. He said the hindrance of other forces in government affairs is the result of leadership bereft. “Now that situation is distinct as Military Operation in Waziristan and attack of Peshawar has changed many minds as government and military are on same page” he added. Aftab valued the struggle of Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze TV for accountability and self responsibility while practicing journalism and formulating the Code of Ethics.

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