COAS urges resolution of Kashmir, Palestinian issues

inp 04-18KARACHI, Dec 4 (INP): Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif has made it abundantly clear that Pakistan’s sincerity in the fight against terrorism is complete and its determination unflinching.

“We want to end it beyond a doubt and with support of people of Pakistan, we will do so without any discrimination until we get rid of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation” the COAS while addressing a conference at the International Defence Exhibition IDEAS-2014 here on Thursday.

In his wide ranging key note addressing covering national, regional and international developments that threaten the security, the COAS said we are living in turbulent times with more happening in decades than in centuries in the past.

General Raheel Sharif stressed that while fighting terror, the country is fully cognizant of other threats conventional/non conventional and will maintain complete readiness to meet any challenge.

Chief or Army Staff General said that it is imperative to resolve the issue of Kashmir and Palestine.

“Sometimes security of the whole region can be threatened by a single unresolved issue such as Palestine and Kashmir and obviously necessitating a regional approach to conflict resolution,” he said.

He further said that Pakistani nation is very brave and we have to work for the protection of our vision. He said that terrorists are a threat of not only to Pakistan but also the whole of the world peace.

Army Chief said Pakistan is confronting many disputes for the last thirty five years and increasing poverty and joblessness are big challenges.

Gen Raheel Sharif said that Pakistan is an extremely brave and determined nation while presence of non-government organisations and other multi-national companies complicate the internal security situation. He said Pakistan is an example to rest of the world as we have given unparalleled sacrifices.

General Raheel further added that the meaning of security has evolved into a larger context over time, and more happens now in a decade than it used to in centuries in the past. Hence, making predictions about the future needs careful thought.

“In a nutshell, the word security has already transformed into a much larger context that would not have made sense only 20 years ago,” the army chief added.

In the world today, security does not only apply to borders, but securing our cultures and way of life are also seen as primary security concerns.

The army chief visited various stalls exhibited by different companies, and also exchanged views with foreign delegates, at the IDEAS 2014 at Karachi Expo Centre.

The Army Chief also exchanged views with the foreign delegation who are participating in the exhibition. The stalls set up at the Expo Centre displayed arms and ammunition from countries including China and Turkey.

General Raheel Sharif carried out a detailed examination of the local arms on display. He also examined the locally manufactured Azb sniper gun, drone aircraft, bullet proof jackets, badges and flight simulators.


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