Close liaison to be maintained with public for effective policing: SSP

ISLAMABAD, Dec 25 (INP): A comprehensive strategy has been put into practice by Islamabad Police to prevent crime while close liaison between the police and the public would be ensured to achieve the targets set by the force.

This was stated by Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Asmat Ullah Junejo while addressing at a cake-cutting ceremony here at Khatoon-e-Fatima Church. The Christian employees of Islamabad police were especially invited to the ceremony while other police officials, Priests Yousuf Amanat and Asif Riaz also attended the ceremony.

He said that Islamabad police have enhanced security as well as patrolling measures in the city and the force will leave no stone unturned to achieve their main targets including improvement in the law and order situation, protection to the lives and properties of the citizens.

Following the directions from Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Tahir Alam Khan, the SSP said that a comprehensive strategy has been put into practice to accomplish these priorities. In order to reduce/prevent crime from the city and to ensure law and order situation in the city, close liaison between the police and the public would be ensured, he maintained.

The SSP said that security at entry as well as exit points, public places; markets and parks have been enhanced while patrolling teams have been constituted for the purpose.

Regarding contribution of minorities in Islamabad police, the SSP said that minorities including Christian community are contributing significantly in Islamabad police and have been assigned very important duties in the department as a part of effective policing.

“We are with you on this happy occasion and your duties in Islamabad police are acknowledged,” the SSP said. He said there is need to promote interfaith harmony and this ceremony has been arranged with the same purpose.

“All Pakistanis are brother and there is no discrimination among any of citizen of the country. Minorities’ role is greatly acknowledged in the development of the country as they are accomplishing various assignments with great responsibility,” he added.

Asmat Ullah Junejo said that Christians and people from minorities are performing in various wings of Islamabad including Special Branch, Police stations and also as police commandos. Their contribution in maintaining peace and ensuring security in the city is greatly appreciable, he added.

He said that there is no discrimination with any of the employee serving in Islamabad police. The SSP presented the gifts to the Christian employees and also cut the cake on the occasion.


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