Citizens losing patience as life in Islamabad paralyzed

August 17, 2014

ISLAMABAD (INP): There is growing anger and resentment among the citizens, who see their lives totally paralyzed in the Federal capital in the wake of Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri-led sit-ins.

“Enough is enough” why our comfort and normal activities have been put in stake, we are the victim of the political agenda being persuaded by the two leaders, said a representative body of the citizens while commenting on the prevailing situation in the capital.

The apathy on the part of the government’s functionaries is also evident and as it appeared so far they have set aside the peace, security and comfort of the citizens. Our interest was compromised while dealing with the situation, said Ahmad Rana, President Islamabad Citizen Committee (ICC).

It will be a most serious situation from tomorrow, when the citizens will be required to report to their official duties in the offices after the weekend. We are highly perturbed as it is yet not clear, how long the sit-ins will continue. A criminal network has already thronged the city and they are roaming around without any check.


In a statement issued here Sunday, he said, “We are seriously concerned over the growing security risk to the lives of the citizens during the on-going sit-ins.

The mob gathered in the heart of city has paralyzed the whole life. He asked, how long the citizens could afford all this disruption which has also caused acute shortage of food and other articles of daily use.

He said that the leaders of political parties must ensure that normal civic and commercial activities are not disrupted and no public or national property is damaged or destroyed.

He proposed chief commissioner Islamabad to fix proper routes for the citizen, enabling them to reach their offices and working places. The demonstrators’ activities and movements in the city should be restricted in order to minimize disruption to their normal life.

The President ICC said “We wonder how medical and other emergencies would be managed with non-availability of fuel and closure of roads due to processions and sit-ins.” The relevant departments and the political leaders must ponder over it, if they have any respect for the citizens’ basic rights.