Citizens demand immediate removal instead of offering apologies

RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD (INP) Citizens of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have strongly opposed the placement of containers at the road crossings that are creating immense difficulties in their movements.

In their reaction to the security measures on the eve of the Azadi and Revolution Marches of PTI and PAT, people from all walks of life said that the road blocks and containers at the road crossings and at entry points of the two cities are in fact souring points for the peaceful citizens. They criticized the authorities for their assertions that these measures are for the security of the people and said in fact they are causing more problems for them to carry on their day to day activities.

Talking to INP, many of the senior citizens and office going people said that such measures would not deter the activists of the two parties to reach the gathering point in Islamabad through whatever means possible. However these blockades are headache for the ordinary people.


They said they have no concern with the marches and in fact strongly oppose them as they are only aimed for political gains and not for the betterment of the people. They asked the government and the administration to pay heed to the difficulties of the people instead of mere offering apologies and immediately remove the containers and road blocks which hurt them the most.

Some of the businessmen and common citizens went to the extent of criticizing the political parties for marching to Islamabad every now and then. They said every party is keen to have its share in the cake in the name of people but in reality they least bother about the problems of the common man like unemployment, inflation and energy crisis. They said they want peaceful environment to carry on their lives and urged the political leaders to settle their scores elsewhere.

They asked the political and administration officials that if they are determined to place the containers, atleast some entry and exit points be provided and people guided so that they could move and attend emergencies like visiting to hospitals or attending the funerals.

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