Chronicles of embarrassing democracy

Atif Iqbal



Islamabad, the city of peace and serenity once again has become the ground zero for the political endeavors. May it be called the mass awareness, or the open war of threats, allegations and conflict of interests between the political giants? The spectrums of the events happening since the elections of 2008 are shaping the nation’s future to become almost dangerous for the common man. Every day, the clash of the PML N with PTI and PAT is becoming aggressive. Showdown of power is becoming a strategy which is considered better than dialogue. As the recent statements of the ex-President Mr. Asif: “Dialogues, dialogues and dialogues” is the only way out of this political paradox.

The impact of the new findings regarding rigging of elections of 2013 has left the whole nation confused. Embarrassing as it sounds that corruption has become the only way out for the politicians to safeguard their mandate, their social and political agendas is no less than misery for the common man. The government is looked upon by the common people as the beacon of hope for the betterment of their lives. When the same beacon is under question of authenticity and legitimacy things are bound to become more difficult and hurting to common man.

In the light of the new findings many credible institutions of Pakistan have become determined that elections of 2013 have been indeed mismanaged thus become corrupted. Still, the silence from the prime minister regarding this matter strengthens the deadlock executed by PTI and PAT. The government is almost trying to turn a blind eye towards the national matter of corruption and broken hearts of the people of Pakistan. Instead, the usual blame games have increased their throttle. This scenario is in no way helping the poor of this country; instead people are getting sidelined intentionally or so it seems.

PML N is the oldest democratic political party of Pakistan having Nawaz Sharif as the third time prime minister of Pakistan but his government is facing the grave allegations of rigged elections. PTI emerged as the new political force that has the will and power to change the course of politics of Pakistan. The religious following of PAT all in a deadlock that has surprised almost everyone still hold their positions and expect freedom and revolution. In such enlightened times of the history and present this situation has become almost embarrassing for the people of this country as no one knows where the common man stands for whom everything is being done in terms of politics.

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