Chief of Naval Staff visits Rohde & Schwarz pavilion

KARACHI, 03 DEC (DNA) – Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah HI(M) was welcomed by Mr. Sameer Ahmad Siddiqi the managing director of Rohde & Schwarz (R&S), the German multinational in Pakistan, at R&S pavilion at the IDEAS 2014 Exhibition. Mr. Siddiqi apprised the Naval Chief about 15 years long close cooperation of R&S with tri-services of Pakistan in introducing latest technologies.

He further informed him about the new systems and solutions introduced by the company in the field of Radio Communications and Test & Measurement. The Naval Chief praised the company’s contribution in sharing state of the   art cutting edge German expertise in Pakistan.

Rohde & Schwarz is one of the most reliable manufacturer of highly secure products for protected voice and data transmission via radio, wireless communications and fixed line links for private industry, government agencies, critical infrastructures and the military.

Product focus is on end-to-end encryption of communications, network security and crypto modules. The company’s expertise also ensures confidentiality of communications when using Rohde & Schwarz radio equipment and systems and IT security products.

The company is also promoting its R&S®SITLine ETH40G was specially designed for the encrypted, real-time exchange of enormous amounts of data. It is the first encryptor that optimizes the performance-critical characteristics of bandwidth, latency, quality of service, port density and energy consumption in a single box. Encryption takes place on the data link layer (layer 2).

This provides a major advantage: Security overhead is reduced by up to 40 percent compared with IP encryption (layer 3), thereby saving bandwidth. This new encryptor class is ideal in particular for data center operators and users, for utilization in backbone networks and for use with high-speed WAN connections. It offers protection in public and private networks without compromising their efficiency.

R&S®SITGate offers innovative, continuous application validation to prevent information leaks. Cloud applications are quick and easy to access over the Internet and are commonplace in business today.

However, these do not protect the sensitive data transmitted over the Internet, providing unwanted third-party access to this critical resource. Skilled attackers can even penetrate private clouds by means of phishing and botnets. Electronic information of any kind – from customer data to design drawings and industrial secrets – is a valuable target.

E-government services, too, present public authorities with significant data security challenges. The R&S®SITGate is a perimeter firewall that validates all data traffic to and from the Internet. As a zone-based firewall, the R&S®SITGate rigorously controls communications between different areas of a network. DNA

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