Chauburji demolition rumours ‘baseless’: CM Shahbaz

LAHORE: Few days after circulation of rumours that the Punjab government is planning to demolish Chauburji, one of the most famous monuments among the structures and buildings of the Mughal era in Lahore, for Orange Line Metro Train project, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has declared that such rumours are baseless and part of a propaganda.

“I am seeing a lot of rumors circulating about proposed demolishing of some historical places for Orange Line Metro Train. I would officially like to declare such rumors as baseless and part of propaganda,” the Chief Minister remarked in a statement released on Monday.

He said: “Before initiating this project; it was our principled decision not to harm any historical place including Chuburji, GPO & St. Andrews Church etc.”

Shahbaz Sharif said he has personally presided over a number of meetings to ensure that all such landmarks are protected and preserved in their actual condition as they define the culture and heritage of Lahore.

The Chief Minister blamed leader of a political party for involvement in spreading of such rumours.

“I have been informed that ‘Leader’ of a certain political party was also involved in spreading such rumors. I believe that national leaders must confirm facts before spreading a word because they influence and shape public opinion,” he said.

“We all must act responsibly as honorable citizens of Pakistan,” he added.

Under the Antiquities Act 1975, no development schemes and new constructions can be undertaken near a heritage site, unless a distance of 200 hundred feet is maintained.


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