Changing the image of real estate

July 3, 2019

(By Eyab Ahmed)

Real Estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human being ingenuity had devised. It is the basis of all security and the only indestructible security”

The advancement of technological innovation in the real estate industry has been changing rapidly and all the agents should adapt to this to maximize exposure for their listings. As we know that real estate industry in worldwide was facing a downfall since past several years. The market has been down by about 15 per cent since January 2018 and activity level is low. A unique aspect of Pakistan’s real estate market is that the industry hits record highs and lows within a span of a few years. Elsewhere in the world (barring the 2005 sub-prime mortgage crisis), the real estate industry more or less follows a steady growth rate. Real estate is an important growth sector in Pakistan – and despite the recent glitches that have arisen as a result of government intervention, a period of further sustained growth is on the cards as new government is keen to bring foreign investment in Pakistan which will improve the real estate growth in Pakistan. Many investors are now keen to invest in the real estate industry but the problem is there is no transparency in this field with less use of technology and innovations.

Companies like Agency21 International have been changing the way sellers and buyers perceive the market in Pakistan and people are adapting this new trend.

Agency21 International was founded in 2015. The director Sharjeel A. Ehmer who has played his vital role on the implementation of the tagline “Changing the image of real estate” and is making this statement practical. Sharjeel A. Ehmer started his career in pharmaceutical industry back in 2000 as a medical rep and ended with the country head of Wilson pharmaceuticals which is one of the largest pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. He left his successful career in pharmaceutical industry and startedAgency21International leading to a positive change for the real estate industry of Pakistan adding a difference in this industry from this platform.He chose this profession as it was one of the most neglected industry, so he aimed to bring revolution and good career opportunities for the new generation.

Agency21 took the initiative of bringing a new and positive face of the property agents and the sales executives. Agents working with this organization are properly groomed with an excellent educational background, proper dressing of 3-piece suit creates a new trend and example for the other real estate companies of Pakistan.

Agency21 International has created a good impression by hiring a work force that has extensive knowledge about the product, and is well known with the economic factors and the future trends of the market.. The staff gettheir proper trainings on how to stop and prevent the scamming in the real estate industry, which has been done by a fixed and declared commission andto ensure transparency and satisfaction of the customers, Agency21 ensure that entire transaction process is made visible to the client on their dedicated portal and is on a mission to introduce well groomed, educated sales agents with a positive and neat background in the market that is building up the confidence in the customers and is keen to be working in Pakistan as a proper brand in the market by using latest technology from the digital world with personalized service, professionalism, along with precision and perfection in accomplishing its goals, are the hallmarks of this organization that makes it a class apart from the ordinary. The organization is working with a proper market survey by examining both saturated and organic market to get a grip on the investment pockets specially in the twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi). This international real estate brand is a great motivation for the other real estate companies and is representing the positive image of real estate in Pakistan. Agency21 International has made transparent transactions possible with no under table dealings with the clients. Everything during the deal is documented and recorded.The brand imaging of Agency21 International is very positive in twin cities and now a common person knows about this industry through Agency21 International and it has connected real estate marketing using modern business tactics with the customers and innovated the real estate industry by adding the technology by usage of drones, selling and buying of verified inventory, introducing the smartest property portal and everything is interconnected with each other. It replaced the traditional work force with literate work force and has created jobs for the educated people in this field and has also provided equivalent employment opportunities for male and female both.

The Government of Pakistan has started doing well in initiating the process of documentation and transparency, and organization like Agency21 is standing side by side on the government’s mission to bring the transparency in the real estate industry whose mission is to change the image of real estate in Pakistan.Agency21 has helped the government in making the real estate market as a proper industry by introducing transparency and innovation in this industry.

Agency21 International aims to work with the solid projects which are delivered well on time. Furthermore, Agency21 International is working on several applications to be introduced for the real sector of Pakistan that will be more beneficial for the clients and will assure more transparency in this field. Agency21 International is expanding day by day in Pakistan and worldwide with a total number of 8 branches at present in the twin cities and one office in London, the offices are opening soon in Peshawar and UAE as well.

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