Ch. Nisar says IS has no existence in Pakistan

inp 22-74ISLAMABAD, Nov 22 (DNA):Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will have to follow legal formalities while holding any gathering in Islamabad on 30th of this month.

Talking to newsmen in Taxila on Saturday, he said there have been contacts in respect of gathering of the 30th and hopefully the issue would be resolved amicably.

The Minister said PTI should hold its show of strength on 30th and then come to the negotiating table.

He said PTI claims to be a just and law-abiding party but it is not understandable as to why it wants not to follow the legal procedure.

He said there is no doubt that political parties have a right to organization gatherings but others too have their rights, which should be respected.

He urged political parties to refrain from making statements on IS, saying that such moves were not in Pakistan’s interests. Nisar was of the view that statements were being issued about the IS only to undermine the government.

He said citizens of Islamabad have a right to free movement and no road should be blocked or inconvenience caused to people.

Similarly, state institutions, including Supreme Court, also have rights to function without any hurdle and PTI should respect their rights as well.

The Interior Minister referred to the threatening language being used by PTI leadership in public meetings and said one would be mistaken if one thinks of invading Islamabad.

He said no one can challenge the writ of the state, otherwise it would be a non-functional state.

To a question, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said there is no existence of the Islamic State (IS) in Pakistan and those conjecturing about this are doing no service to the country.

He said Pakistan is already being maligned because of existence of different militant groups and the elements talking about presence of IS should not refer to non-existent organization.

The Interior Minister categorically stated that IS is an Arab-based organization and has no presence in Pakistan. He said some militant organisations are using the name of IS and resorting to wall chalking but so far there is evidence of the organization in the country.

He said the civil and military leadership is committed to eliminate all sorts of militants and terrorists from Pakistani soil.

“As Interior Minister, it is my responsibility to ensure that no road is blocked in Islamabad,” he said. “We have imposed no restrictions regarding Nov 30 rally. Law is very clear about any political activity. “DNA

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