CDA Sector E-12 Pandora box reopened

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: More than 150 buildings have been demolished and approximately 750 Kannal land has been acquired but still Capital Development Authority (CDA) is not willing to pay the compensation amount to the affectees of E-12 according to the defined rule of section 32-A of CDA Ordinance 1960. The case of Sector E-12 after passing six years of the judgment given by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) regarding 144 bogus cases in 2007, once again gained attention of public representatives as the assurance was given to the Member of Parliament Sher Akbar Khan of Jamat e Islami on the floor of the House by the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed on his calling attention notice that the matter has been settled as a mutual agreement between CDA and residents of the sector has been signed. Sher Akbar Khan tabled the matter to the Standing Committee on Government Assurance for detailed discussion. The committee further sensing the sensitivity of the issue formed a subcommittee under convener-ship of MNA Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana to investigate the matter and submit the report to main body. The subcommittee in its recommendation told that CDA has shown negligence and massive irregularities have been unearthed while going through the record of sector E-12 available with the civic agency. The Director Land CDA Hamza Shahzad accepted the negligence of CDA said that we do not have record of overall revenue collected from the Award of sector E-12 in 1985. He told the committee members that tenders for construction of major roads worth 312.08million have been accepted by Chairman CDA but the work could not be started owing to non possession of the land as in Sector E-12 there are 1828 cases in which 1178 cases of Built up Property (BUP) and 650 cases of land are still unsettled. In a brief answer submitted by the CDA to committee it was said that the development work is moving at slow pace because of non possession of land as Estate Wing of CDA is presently trying to take over the possession and so far it has acquired 747 Kannal and 1 Marla land. Shahzad briefed the committee that 79.96 million rupees have been paid out of total 98.59 million rupees to the owners of land. Shahzadi Umerzadi said the CDA chairman should come out of his office to serve the people standing in queues in front of his office as it is the responsibility of CDA to resolve the issues of masses. Special Invitee to the committee meeting Malik Ibrar Ahmed said that due to misleading policies CDA has created all this mess. He was of the opinion that inquiry should be held on the delay in a ‘Wirasat Nama’ by land department. He also offered to help the authority for securing land on the condition of payments to the residents according to the defined rules. Land Director Hamza Shahzad assured the committee that the payments would be released within two months as per rules of the authority, accepting that it was unfair for the residents who were not paid for the last 30 years. The Convener issued the directive that states the early payment to affectees of E-12, Changes in the policy of the CDA according to their ordinance 1960 and providence of final plan for sector E-12 to the committee. The committee also recommended the Chairman CDA to address the grievances of effected people of E-12 within 20 days.

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