CDA employees get Hajj documents

 ISLAMABAD (DNA) : Member Administration and Estate, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Amer Ali Ahmed has said that CDA employees played a significant role in developing and transforming Islamabad into beautiful and modern city and CDA management will not only guard their existing rights but will also make efforts for further betterment.

Member Administration and Estate said this while addressing a ceremony organized by CDA Mazdoor Union (CBA) in connection with handing over of travelling documents to thirty seven (37) low paid CDA employees who are proceeding for Hajj this year.

Amer Ali Ahmed said that those who are proceeding for Hajj are ambassadors of the CDA and country and during Hajj they must take care of the dignity and honour of CDA and the country and should earn good name for the country.

Member Administration and Estate, CDA said that you are the luckiest people out of thousands CDA employees who are selected through balloting, so pray with full concentration before Allah not only for yourself but also for the prosperity, peace, harmony and stability of Pakistan and also for betterment of CDA.

Member Administration and Estate said that CDA management will not only guard existing benefits of CDA employees but will also take more steps for the betterment and welfare of CDA employees.

He said that restoration of computer allowance and other issues of CDA employees would be resolved according to policy and implementation of these decision will be ensured.

On this occasion, General Secretary of CDA Mazdoor Union (CBA) Chaudhry Yaseen congratulated those CDA employees who are proceeding for Hajj this year.

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