CDA closes commercial activities in Sector F-6

ISLAMABAD, Sept16 (DNA): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) continues with its anti non-confirming use drive, during the recent operation CDA had demolished and closed many commercial activities in the residential areas of Sector F-6.

Sticking with the policy to abolish commercial activities from the residential areas on the directions of Chairman CDA, Mr. Maroof Afzal, Tuesday a joint operation was taken up by Building Control Section and Enforcement Directorate against non-confirming use in Sector F-6.

During the operation the action was taken against ‘Kuch Khaas”  restaurant opened in House No. 01and “Kheva Restaurant” opened in House No.64 of Sector F-6/3, “Vestro Club” located at School Road, a Boutique opened in House No. 16,  two guest houses being operated in house No.12 and 24, “Avari Guest House” opened in House No. 2, “Computer Office” opened in house no. 20 and “Artec Office” being operated in house no. 4 situated in Sector F-6/1 have been closed / blocked, while signboards and other illegal structures have been removed, according to a press release.

Similarly, a special team of Enforcement Directorate has also taken prompt action against encroachments in Sector I-9, I-8 and G-13. During the operation 2 number of illegally constructed structures in Sector I-9/1 and Chappar Hotel situated in Sector     G-13 were demolished. Similarly, Encroachments from foot paths and green belts near Aziz Market in Sector I-9/1 and Abu Harera Market, Sector I-8/2 were also removed and two trucks of material has also been confiscated.

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