Carpeting of Sector G-13 roads started


ISLAMABAD (DNA) : On the directions of Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), Maroof Afzal, Machinery Pool Organization (MPO) of CDA has started carpeting work on roads in Sector G-13.

The carpeting work has been started in the aftermath of a visit of the Federal Minister for Housing along with Chairman CDA to Sector G-13, where the Minister for Housing directed the Chairman CDA for carpeting of roads in Sector G-13.

Following the directions of the Federal Minister for Housing, MPO Directorate has moved its heavy machinery along with material in Sector G-13 and initial carpeting work on all major and small roads has been started.

Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal has directed MPO Directorate for early completion of carpeting work of roads in Sector G-13. He further directed Director MPO for supervision of carpeting work and ensure quality and standard.-


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