Capital’s Citizens express concern over shortfall of 60 million gallons water, roads condition

ISLAMABAED, Dec. 28(INP): The Islamabad Citizens Committee (ICC) has expressed its deep concern over the shortfall of 60 million gallons of water per-day and deteriorating roads’ conditions in the federal capital.

A delegation of committee conveyed the citizens’ concern to this effect to the chairman Capital Development Authority Maroof Afzal at a meeting held here. The delegation was headed by M. Aftab, senior member of the committee and former DG, Associated Press of Pakistan.

While briefing the chairman on the gravity of the situation, the Committee’s Secretary General Muhammad Dawood Khokhar emphazied for  augmentation of water resources from Indus river. Present population of Islamabad is 1.5 million and daily water requirement is 150 million whereas supply from present resources is only 90 million gallons per day resulted in shortfall of 60 million gallons.

The CDA chairman said they were trying to meet the required quantity of water from Tarbela Dam.

The delegation also brought to his notice the deteriorating condition of the city’s roads and it underlined the need of carpeting them at earliest. The Chairman told the Committee that work on repairing and carpeting of the roads is already under consideration and work will be undertaken as soon as the Metro Bus route is completed.

On the question of street lights, the delegation pointed out that most of these are out of order. It was suggested that staff of the street lights, Maintenance Directorate should petrol at night to check the same. The Chairman CDA took notice of this issue and assured early work on street lights.

A.F.M. Hashim, Vice President drew his attention towards the broken dust bins placed in all sectors. Dirty and despicable rubbish is coming out from these bins and lying in streets, representing an ugly look that was also causing environment hazards.

Another member of delegation Syed Siddiq Hasan informed the chairman about the misuse of water for washing cars which further worsens the water shortage and also pollutes the environment as well as damaging the roads. He also highlighted the problem of big encroachments by under construction houses, offices, shops and schools are a great menace for peaceful living of the citizens.

The delegation’s member M. K. Sufi drew the attention of the meeting towards violation of law and regulations in  construction of residential and commercial properties. He pointed out that the concerned department in CDA is responsible for approving the map of the properties with inbuilt violations. If this is controlled things will improve substantially.

M. K. Sufi, secretary information suggested that CDA should appointed on voluntarily basis a representative even from ICC forum to apprise CDA the ground realities of problems on regular basis for immediate remedial action.

Basher Ali. Secretary ICC drew attention of the CDA   towards malicious damages to CDA property in sector I/10-2. CDA built a Football ground with changing rooms verandas and bathrooms. All these structure has been complete damaged by drugs edicts. The ground is lifted rubbish behind the walls, wild plantation are not cut, dust bjns placed in ground are not cleared for months and every one dumping rubbish ground.

He requested the Chairman for urgent remedial action in this ground by sending responsible officer to know the factual position for which he has been writing to CDA for the last five years.

Shamsul Haq Awan drew the attention of the chairman towards Katchnar park in I/8 in which proper maintenance is need urgently. He further suggested that CDA should make flowers beds on both sides of Islamabad Highway from Faizabad to Zero point as this is an entry-point for the Capital. INP

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