Capital punishment vital to curb terrorism

The loss of over 48 precious lives in an attack near Wahga Border has shocked the entire nation. Authorities claimed a suicide bomber struck a gathering Sunday. A number of people were also injured while more casualties are being feared. The suicide bomber appeared to be 18-year-old boy. The cowardly attack near Wahga Border area has raised many questions that definitely needed to be answered. The area is very sensitive and highly secured. The IG Punjab has reportedly told media that people are allowed to attend the event and due to heavy presence of people, police do not even bother to frisk the people. Still the concerned quarters cannot escape the blame for security lapse. The blast took place 400 yards away from the Parade Avenue. Why the police failed to check the individual? How the suicide bomber managed to breach the security carrying over 5 to 7 kg explosives? This is a very alarming situation as the latest attack at 8th Muharram is a clear message from the terrorists that they are capable to strike whenever, wherever they wanted to. The involvement of foreign hands can not be ruled out as the enemies want to destablise the country. The cowardly attack comes at a time when armed forces are successfully carrying out operation Zarb-e-Azab to flush out terrorists once for all. It can be aftermath of the operation Khyber 2 too.

Law and order situation is getting worst with each passing day across the country. Innocent people are being killed by “Namaloom Afraad”. From Khyber to Chaman hidden forces are targeting security forces, civilians not even sparing the women and kids. The terrorists are roaming free and striking at their will without fearing law of the land. In most of the terror-related incidents, foreign-made weapons are being used. The seizure of huge quantity of weapons from Baluchistan speaks volume about the enemies’ agenda. The weapons seized by the security forces from an empty house belonged to Afghanistan and India which proved the involvement of foreign elements to destablise the country.

Masses are again left on their own. A great sense of disappointment, fear prevails among the citizens due to deteriorated law and order situation. Karachi is again witnessing sharp increase in heinous crimes. Rangers and police force are nabbing target killers, terrorists but finding it difficult to control the killing of innocent people. Non- Baluch residents are being executed in Baluchistan.

It is also a matter of concern that our politicians are busy in character assassination, point scoring and leg pulling. Huge public gatherings are being held in which each and every politician claiming he is the only one who can purge the country from prevailing crises. Instead of shunning political differences, forging unity, the political confrontation continued unabated. None of them is ready to give inch to their opponents.

Had the resignation of Fakhro Bhai been taken seriously by the concerned quarters, the country would not have to face the chaotic situation which had pitched the activists of various political parties as well leaders against each other. He seemed committed to hold free and fair elections and initiatives he had taken to get the job done were praise worth but all his efforts evaporated in smoke due to lack of coordination among the various institutions.
No action was taken against the contesters who violated the same code of conduct that was formulated in consultation with them. They certainly had responsibilities to make electoral process smooth and credible.

Though it was not the sitting government to be blamed for as it was the duty of the caretaker government to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, but now the huge responsibility lies on the shoulder of the incumbent government to learn from the mistake of the caretakers who failed to deliver taking advantage of loopholes in the electoral system. The PML-N has the opportunity to devise foolproof strategy for the upcoming elections. There is dire need to overhaul the election commission and get rid of black sheep present in its ranks. The government without wasting time must work for electoral reforms with an aim not to let any body repeat the mistakes made in general polls that had pushed the government into dark alley.

It is a mater of great concern that so far thousands of people have lost their lives in terror related incidents but yet no concrete measures have been taken to end the very menace. The Interior Ministry had already alerted the security agencies about any such incident can happen. The terrorists are hell bent up killing citizens. Most of them are languishing in jails and ordering attacks. It is high time for the incumbent government to restore capital punishment. Restoration of capital punishment would send clear message to the terrorists as well their financier that they would have to face gallows instead of sitting in the jails enjoying “Perks and Privileges” at the cost of taxpayers’ hard earned money.


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