Can’t deploy police to every school building: Nisar

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Not in a position to deploy police personnel on every school as we do not have enough force and resources to put security on every building. This was said by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on the floor of the house while briefing the Parliament about Shikarpur incident. He placed the responsibility of the Shikarpur incident on the Sindh government and said that intelligence agencies and security institutions work under the chief minister. Giving his official statement about Shikarpur incident He said that the blast time was quarter past 2 and the suicide attacker used 5 to 9 kilogram explosive material leaving 62 causalities and 53 injured out of which some are serious. The interior minister further said a finger of the terrorist involved in the Shikarpur blast had been found and his identification by NADRA would be completed today. He added that the tailor who stitched the suicide attacker’s clothes is in custody now.  Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Syed Khursheed Shah in response to the briefing of Interior minister said that the DIG Sind investigating the Shikarpur incident briefed us earlier that the attacker’s hands, feet and head had been found but now Minister Interior contradicting that only a finger has been found.  He said that opposition always stands next to the government in crisis situation and had not politicized any issue to safeguard national Interest. He further said that nation wants to see action, not just public statements of condemnation. 

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