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Cable cars

At least 12 people were killed while one sustained severe wounds as passenger lift collapsed near Banwari in Murree on Thursday. The chances of the injured to survive are very slim because they received critical injuries as the car fell to the ground from a height of 400 feet.
In remote areas across the country due to negligence of authorities people are compelled to use their own mode of transportation. People in hilly areas usually use cable car as the source of transportation between the two hilly areas as there are no roads to connect the two. Similarly, in this incident the cable car was being used for transportation between two villages, Sharafani in Punjab and Banwari in KP. Locals had reportedly set up the cable car service on a self-help basis. The lift caved in due to its dilapidated condition as the locals made it without proper construction process to join two villages.
This sad incident should be enough for the rulers to think over this serious issue. It seems the focus of politician is only limited to cities for building roads, bridges and improving infrastructure and people living in remote areas are left on their own. Even today thousands of people, particularly in northern area, are using unsafe transport facilities as improvised cable cars installed across ravines and rivers. It is also being reported that cable car had the capacity of maximum eight people but carrying 14 persons. Had the sanity prevailed the sad incident could have been avoided at the first place. But greed of cable car operators took 14 precious lives.
The safety and quality of all such means of transports needs to be inspected. If government is unable to provide safe means of transportation to the people, at least it should keep check on such cable car operators. Ironically, people are forced into the hands of dishonest profit-makers who endanger their lives in a bid to maximize their profit. Government must ensure safety and quality of such means of transportations. This incident is another sad example that how much worth we give to the lives of our people.
Authorities must ensure safety and quality of such means of transports.

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