Buttism a serious challenge to democracy, rule of law

Dozens of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf activists were injured in Gujunawala Friday by the alleged PML-N workers while Imran Khan along with party’s senior leaders remained unhurt. Though there were some reports of firing at Imran Khan’s container but it was not confirmed by him. The clashes began when PTI activists were passing through an area where an office of the PML-N MPA Khalid Butt was located. Media reports said that the PML-N activists started pelting stones at PTI activists who retaliated in a similar manner. The PML-N activists hurled stones at the PTI rally that smashed windows of many vehicles including Imran Khan’s container. This was the fourth attack by the PML-N activists in the presence of police claiming that they have videos of the pelting of stones by the PML-N workers. Going through the Electronic media footage, it was witnessed that ruling party activists were climbing up the electricity polls, tearing apart the banners of Imran Khan while on the other sides, a large number of activists were not only pelted stones at PTI’s workers but also tried to attack the container in which Imran Khan and other senior leaders were present. But unfortunately, the police remained a silent spectator and did not react until the orders of the Shahbaz Sharif. The provincial government should have ordered the closure of its party offices located alongside the roads where hundred of thousands workers of PTI accompanied by their leaders were heading peacefully towards Islamabad. Had the PTI’s workers taken law into their hands, the result would have been nothing less than Model Town tragedy?  Credit goes to PTI’s leadership as well supporters who remained peaceful even being attacked fourth time by Pomi But-led mob and PML-N workers at different places in Gujarnawala.

The mismanagement, non-serious attitude and non-fulfillment of the promises made by the PML-N government have badly damaged the ruling party popularity’s graph. The PML-N leaders made tall claims before 2013 general polls and made the common man believed that it was the only party which has the capabilities to address their grievances. After elected to power, the party stayed focus how to end or least control power, gas crises thus diverting its attention from giving relief to the masses.

No doubt PPP-led government failed miserably to serve the common man as no serious efforts were made to militancy, extremism, energy, gas, inflation and provision of easy and cheap justice.

PML-N leadership for the last one and half year keeps claiming that the government is achieving its goals while upon its failure over any issue be it non-political or else, party leaders never wasted time to put blame on the PPP-led government by saying that they inherited the crises. Though PM tackled the crises systematically but failed to take on board other political parties especially the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf on some very important issues. Shahbaz Sharif instead of focusing to domestic issues, continued traveling abroad to lure foreign investors to invest in Pakistan in general and particularly in Punjab. In the absence of both, most of the ruling party younger leadership behaved like dictators by involving themselves into the character assassination of their opponents.

Government left no choice for the chief of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf, Imran Khan but to take his case to the masses. Nawaz Sharif should have invited Imran Khan to the Prime Minister House for removing his party’s reservations over the alleged rigging in 2013 polls. But the PM paid no heeds to his demands and worst come worst he preferred to discuss the political situation with the PPP co chairperson, ex President Asif Ali Zardari at PM House.

The Model Town tragedy created total chaos for the ruling party as no serious efforts were made to defuse the tension. The government wizards especially those belonged to Punjab government, added fuel to the fire by issuing irresponsible, inflammatory remarks against the PAT. The main character Gullu But is walking as a free man but it appeared that there are many “Butts” who needed to be dealt with iron hands/

.Now the PML=N leader Pomi But has reportedly appeared before the concerned police station for “voluntarily” arrest against his involvement in leading the party activists to attack PTI Azadi March, it is the duty of the provincial government to hold an immediate and impartial probe into the incidents besides awarding exemplary punishment to those involved in these attacks. The Gullu But, Pomi But like people wait for such political confrontation and take full advantage of confrontation between govt and opposition. Government must not allow these elements to take law into their hands. Gullu Butt and Pomi Butt must be taken to task for the sake strengthening democracy and supremacy of law.

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