Bureaucracy must implement open door policy for public: PM Khan

February 22, 2019

Says Nawaz’s treatment cost Rs280m to nation


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan here on Friday directed government officers to ensure that an open door policy is implemented and people are not made to wait for hours owing to official meetings.

The premier met MNAs from Sargodha Division in Islamabad and was briefed about issues faced by citizens. Speaking to the MNAs, the prime minister said, “It is the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s top agenda to depoliticise bureaucracy and ensure provision of public services.”

Attempts by government officials to create difficulties for the public are unacceptable, he added. PM Imran directed the MNAs to identify those involved in corruption, bribery and nepotism. “The appointed representatives should play an active role in ensuring that problems faced by citizens are identified and resolved,” he added.  Government officers must implement an open door policy for the public and should end the practice of keeping people waiting in the pretext of official meetings, the prime minister further stressed.  Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif asks either to be sent to prison or to UK for treatment, claiming that his treatment cost Rs280 million to the nation. PM Imran was addressing a ceremony inaugurating health cards in Rajanpur, where provincial health minister Yasmeen Rashid was also present. The government will provide Insaf health cards to the underprivileged families. The PM said that the government hospitals used to provide better healthcare but the politicians prefer to have their treatment abroad.

“I was born in a government hospital, my sisters were too. In the past, these hospitals used to provide standard healthcare,” he said. He said that the law for the poor and rich is different. “We will hold each and everyone accountable.” The prime minister said that he has envisioned a Pakistan where the poor and the highest officials will get the same type of medical treatment at a government hospital.

The PM thanked provincial health minister Yasmeen Rashid on the inauguration of health cards, which was her initiative. The PM distributed the health cards among families. Provincial Health Minister Yasmin Rashid earlier said that at least 7.2 million residents of the 36 districts of Punjab will also get health cards by the end of 2019.

Earlier this month, PM Imran launched the Sehat Insaf Card in Islamabad. Under the Sehat Insaf Card scheme, free healthcare worth Rs720,000 will be provided annually to each deserving family.  Monitoring Desk