Build ‘Naya KP before Naya Pakistan: Nawaz

Nawaz Govt elected by 16 million people can’t be forced by a few thousands to resign: Nawaz tells opponents

Says, few thousands can’t force govt to resign

UCH SHARIF: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday told his political opponents to build a ‘new Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ before building “Naya Pakistan”, and advised them to bring 16 million people to sit-ins before demanding his resignation.  “All they want is Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.16 million people voted for the Muslim League. And how many are demanding my resignation? 15 thousand? 30 thousand? This is a joke on the people of Pakistan,” he remarked. He was speaking to a gathering of flood-affected people at Bait Bakhtiari in Uch Sharif, about 75km from Bahawalpur. Nawaz paid tribute to those political parties which he said were supporting “the right path” and played “a positive role in parliament”. “But some other politicians want to take the country back into the past. They do not want you to be in a better situation…they do not want you to be prosperous,” he said.  The premier said that he had come to Uch Sharif to share the grief of the flood-affected people, and vowed not to rest until they are properly rehabilitated.Nawaz Sharif said his government will bring a real change in the country by serving the people as per their expectations. The prime minister said some politicians doing negative politics are talking about new Pakistan. He asked them to first make new KPK where they got mandate to bring about a change.

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