British HC encourages British Pakistanis, expats to vote in the UK’s election

ISALAMABD: Marking the Overseas Voter Registration Day today (Thursday), the British High Commissioner to Pakistan on Thursday encouraged British people living in Pakistan to register to vote in the General Election in the UK, on 07 May.

The initiative is part of the UK Electoral Commission’s campaign to boost the numbers ofUK residents overseas on the UK’s electoral registers.

The British High Commissioner, Philip Barton, CMG OBE said: “The UK and Pakistanare joined by strong bonds of friendship and partnership. Over one million British nationals travel to, live and work in Pakistan at any given time.

There are 1.4 million journeys between the two countries every year. These people to people connections are the backbone of the relationship between our two countries.

“Today is Overseas Voter Registration Day. We are supporting the Electoral Commission’s campaign to raise awareness of voter registration among British residents overseas, including in Pakistan, in the run up to the UK’s general election. I strongly urge British people living in Pakistan to take five minutes on Overseas Registration Day to visit the GOV.UK website and make sure they will be able to have their say at the UK General Election in May.” NNI

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