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BRICS Declaration gone off the beat

BRICS members gathered in International Conference and Exhibition Center in Xiamen, southeastern China’s Fujian Province. In its 9th summit held in China, the BRICS declaration has to some extent followed the footsteps of President Donald Trump. According to an Indian daily, The Economic Times, China has pointed out to the caution when referring to Pakistan as the safe haven of militants but the newspaper also tipped on the BRICS declaration that has literally ‘named’ Pakistan. None of the five countries have faced the atrocious slaughter of their school children yet they were able to point their fingers at the country that was so unfortunate to swallow such crumb. ‘Regional security’ mentioned in the declaration must take Pakistan as the victim not the culprit. Decades old enmity between India and Pakistan has stood as an obstacle between the BRICS Bloc and its impartiality. If any country would be able to breathe in peace after the immediate end to violence in Afghanistan it will be Pakistan. It seems as if India is working on the agenda and is just benefitting from the misinterpreted statements of world leaders against Pakistan. Indian foreign ministry official Preeti Saran while pointing out at the Pakistani officials has viciously mentioned the ‘good and old terrorists’. The Indian exhilaration was depicted in the Hindustan Times. It referred to the mention of the term ‘Pakistan-based terror groups’ and threw a blanket of contentment on the presence of Chinese officials in the summit. On the other hand, First Post, an Indian daily has shown its euphoria by speculating the possible strain in Pak-China relations. Indian authorities seemed to be as misapprehended as was the President of America. The only thing that has hallucinated India is the focus of the summit on Pakistan’s relation to militants. It was China who stood by Pakistan’s side in case of Maulana Masood Azhar of the Jaish-e-Muhammad; against the Trump’s statements; and in favor of Kashmir’s right of self determination. India won’t ever be able to part Pakistan’s all weather friend with its nasty tactics but at the same time Pakistan needs to look into its foreign policy to come up with the sound solution to the rising anti Pakistani sentiments.
China has pointed out to the caution when referring to Pakistan as the safe haven of militants

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