Brazil, Pakistan ties poised for a quantum leap: Leoni

Cooperation in literature given new dimensions; envoy

ISLAMABAD (DNA) – Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan Alfredo Leoni has said relations between Pakistan and Brazil were poised for a quantum leap adding mutual cooperation in various fields is increasing with each passing day.
He expressed these views while giving an exclusive interview to DNA on Tuesday.


The ambassador further said, “Let met begin with football world cup, there was a delegation headed by Faisal Saleh Hayat invited by FIFA to witness the world cup matches. We issued nearly 500 visas to those interested to go to Brazil to witness football matches.

He said, we waived off visa fee for the visitors. A person had to show ticket of at least one match. The tickets were verified by the FIFA. Those Pakistanis are not included in this 500 tally that already had Brazil multiple visas. So roughly we can say about 1,000 Pakistanis went to Brazil for world cup matches.

Regarding Brazil, Pakistan relations the ambassador said during his stay here many doors were opened vis a vis promotion of bilateral cooperation in various fields. “We are much busier now as we used to be. The amount of visas that we used to issue four five years ago has almost doubled”.

Also allow me to say that if this trade is done directly without involving a third party the figures can also go up drastically, the ambassador maintained.

our economic and cultural sections at the Embassy are now every active and working assiduously towards cementing of bilateral relations. Especially our cooperation in the field of agriculture sector has been phenomenal and I hope mutual cooperation in this particular field would continue to grow even in the coming days.

“Let me tell you that five years ago we had zero Pakistani students were in Brazil but now we have more than 100 Pakistani students so when these students go back to Pakistan they share their experiences about Brazil, which are extremely useful for Pakistani people to know more about Brazil and its culture.

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