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Both PS5 And Xbox Series X Are Crashing Games So Hard The Consoles Are Shutting Off

While I am enjoying my time with both of my new consoles, there is starting to be a rising chorus of consumers who are concerned about how both systems are behaving, and strangely, both appear to be suffering from more or less the same issue.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are periodically having severe in-game crashes for many players that don’t just send you to the home screen with an error, and force you to restart the game at hand. But rather these crashes are so hard they are shutting the entire system off. And in PS5’s case for many, this triggers a scary looking repair and recovery screen each time.

I was originally going to write this article only about PlayStation 5, as I have only experienced this level of crash on that system, and not the Series X yet. And yet I have seen many others saying that they have had the Series X randomly shutting off as well, so this is not limited to just PS5, though it is impossible to know which console may be suffering from the issue more frequently.

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