Book review of ‘Sahifa-e-Rizvia’

January 29, 2018

  • Book answers ‘how to seek prayers’

Writer: Ayatullah Syed Murtaza Mujtahid Sistani
Translator: Irfan Haider

In day to day life every person faces multiple issues. Economic issues haunt some; few are depressed due to some diseases, domestic problems also a cause of worry for many. It is hard to find even a single person in this world, who would say that he or she is not concerned with any problem and living an ideal life with no tensions and worries.

Our religion has taught us to ask for forgiveness through prayers in order to find relief. Muslims find best refuge in prayers, but question arises that what is the best way to pray, what to pray and how to pray. Are there any specific conditions for asking prayers? What are the best ways that can help making all your prayers answered? In search of finding answers of all these questions, we will have to admit that Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Holy family members have answered all these questions for the Ummah. If the holy spirits would not have taught us the ways of ‘duas’, we could have found ourselves in very miserable position to deal with. To quench our thirst, we can look forward to ask mercy of Almighty through these supplications.

In Islamic scriptures prayer is considered one of the most precious gifts offered by Almighty Allah to his servants. Prayer is a form of worship designed by God in a very special way. Prayer, being a very beautiful act of worship, is full of profound meanings and, simultaneously, an artistic masterpiece in the way in which it has been devised. Thus, prayer is not only a matter of uttering some words and performing various movements; rather, it is a mixture of thoughts, words and actions.

Ayatullah Syed Murtaza Mujatahiddi Seestani has complied ‘Duas’ associated with Imam Ali Raza (A.S) in the book named ‘Saheefa Rizvia ’. A renowned scholar and PhD student Irfan Haider has translated this book from Persian to Urdu language. This book contains 30 chapters and recently second edition has been published along with Urdu translation of Arabic duas. This book contains, what is required to fulfill the thirst of prayer seekers.

This book reflects on spiritual aspects of prayer. It describes significance of prayers and how to seek assistance in true meaning that Almighty keep bestowing his blessings. Introduction of the book enhances knowledge and wisdom regarding Imam Raza (R.A) and describes his methods of asking duas. In religion Islam seeking prayers from Almighty Allah contains great importance. This book teaches method and ways of asking prayers. It describes that how to ask from Almighty Allah. It gives a detailed description that how to prepare for prayers. Book is based on numerous (duas) prayers. It answers all queries about how, when and what to seek when a person is ill of suffering with the hardships of life? Special prayers for particular condition and occasion have been described. At first this book was published without translation, but now this book is also available in Urdu language. Young scholar Irfan

Haider has translated this book in very simple language that everyone can understand. In second edition of this book all the Arabic verses are translated in very simply.

Muslims around the world visit holy sites in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. When we talk about Iran, almost everyone knows that the prime priority of every pilgrim is to visit holy shrine of Imam Ali Raza (A.S). Pilgrims before visiting any holy site usually look forward to find some literature in order to have better understanding with the historic background of the sites. This book also gives detailed information about the historic, religious, and cultural background of the shrine of the Imam Ali Raza. This book can be obtained from Jamia Imam Sadiq Alamdar road Quetta.

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