Black Day against Indian occupation of Kashmir

Kashmiris across the world observed ‘Black Day’ on Monday against the Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. A complete strike was observed in the region on Black Day. Kashmiri leaders have demanded India to stop her stubbornness over the Kashmir issue and move forward for resolving the crisis. The leaders have also said that India must stop its human rights violation in Occupied Kashmir if she wants to hold talks for solving the disputed issue.

Prime Minister of Pakistan while addressing to the General Assembly of United Nations asked for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir according to the resolutions of the United Nations. According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 86% Pakistanis support the Prime Minister’s decision to solve the Kashmir issue in the General Assembly; 13% oppose. A nationally representative sample of adult men and women, from across the four provinces was asked, “Recently Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while speaking at the General Assembly, expressed his desire to solve the Kashmir issue and give the Kashmiris the right of self-determination. Do you support or oppose the Prime Minister’s decision to solve the Kashmir issue in the General Assembly?” In response to this question, 86% respondents said they support the Prime Minister’s decision to solve the Kashmir issue in the General Assembly, while 13% respondents said they opposed the decision and 1% did not respond.

Pakistani nation is united for Kashmir cause and incumbent government has also taken a principled stand on Kashmir issue. We believe that the issue be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions keeping in view the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. Our diplomats must remind to the world community about the promises made with the Kashmiris for resolving the issue under the United Nations Security Council resolutions. Nation must put aside all personal difference and asked to stand united for the solution of disputes such as Kashmir. Kashmir is a significant dispute and Kahmiris must be given the prerogative of self determination. United Nations Organization (UNO) is an international organization and if referendum can take place in Scotland then why not in Kashmir. Islamabad has told New Delhi multiple times that it believes dialogues are only way to resolve Kashmir issue despite the fact that our armed forces are fully capable to deal with any adversity at borders. Islamabad made it clear to India not to consider its desire for peace as weakness. Pakistan armed forces are fully capable to thwart any aggression but always demonstrated maximum restraints. Islamabad wants resolution of Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people while Indian leadership not only refused to accommodate Kashmir’s leadership in the dialogue process but keep insisting occupied Kashmir as integral part of India. One can easily differentiate the Indian approach towards resolution of the core issue of Kashmir through negotiations. Narendra Modi since assuming the office continuesly claiming that Pakistan has been taught a “befitting lesson” with the Army “shutting their mouth”, alleging they will not dare to repeat it again. Ironically, Modi not only accused Even the Congress Party is criticizing Narendra Modi for escalating tension alongside Pakistan borders but what appeared to be part of election campaign, Mode continued singing anti-Pakistan songs to win the elections

Making mockery of UN’ resolutions should be a matter of concern for the UNSC but it never took the issue seriously. The J&K valley has been illegally occupied by the Indian forces since 1948. Pakistan has raised the issue in United Nations which not only termed it as “Disputed territory” but also called Indian to resolve the issue through negotiations acceptable to all. But India never accepted the Kashmirs disputed territory and sent over 7 lac fifty thousand troops to suppress the Kashmiri people struggle for getting rid of foreign occupation. Pakistan considers Kashmir as its jugular vein but despite unprovoked violations of the Indian security forces, Islamabad demonstrated maximum restraints and only responded to the situation to avoid civilian casualties. Pakistan had always raised the just cause of Kashmiris on national and international level but the world community failed to live up to its commitments. But New Delhi must not forget that Pakistan armed forces are fully capable to respond to any aggression with full might when it comes to defending the country against any aggression and safeguard the territorial integrity of Pakistan. Modi must have to understand that negotiation is the only way to resolve the issue. Instead of relying on its military might, Modi should demonstrate maturity and sincerity and stop blame-game and point scoring. The UN has failed miserably to resolve the issue and being dictated by Washington that has the present centre of global politics. There is a dire need to send a clear message to Indians as well the world community that enough is enough.

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