Bilawal address: A declaration of war or …

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) succeeded to hold huge rally to make its Chairman Bilawal Bhttoo Zardari’s entry into the country politics. He started his journey from Bilawal House to Mazar Quiad on the same container on which his mother shaheed Benazir Bhutto was traveling after returning back from self-exile in October 18, 2007. Exactly before seven years, i.e. October 18, 2007, the suicide bombers blew themselves killing over 127 people while leaving over 180 wounded of Party’s jialas who were accompanying her on her way to home. Now shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s son had announced to continue his mission from the same site where BB started her struggle against dictatorship. Shaheed BB was a leader of great vision and was committed to fight for the cause of democracy that ultimately cost her life. Benazir Bhutto was well aware of the threats to her life but she continued her struggle without fearing ‘hidden forces’ that were bent upon silence her. She could have made deal even sitting in Dubai to become third time prime minister but she opted to approach masses and get her elected through the power of ballots. She even went extra miles by signing Charter of Democracy (CoD) with her political rival Nawaz Sharif for the sake of upholding rule of the law and supremacy of the constitution. But unfortunately anti- democratic forces that are well-prepared to serve their Masters’ interest, managed to silence her voice on December 27 in Rawalpindi.

No doubt PPP has rendered matchless sacrifices for the cause of democracy. The founding chairman of the PPP gifted 1973 Constitution, made country a nuclear power and introduced numerous reforms that boosted the image of Pakistan in the eyes of international community. He brought Muslim countries on one platform. But Americans and European countries could not afford seeing Pakistan becoming only nuclear power of the Muslim countries. Organizing first Islamic conference of the Muslim countries’ leaders in Lahore became a real challenge to the US and its allies as they feared if Muslim countries got united and opted to block supply of oil to Washington and Europe then it would leave adverse effects to their economies. Some internal as well external figures sensing the danger for ZAB’s resolve for making Pakistan a fortress for the Islamic world and leading the country to the path of progress, started hatching conspiracies against the democratically elected government. It is an open secret that elected Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was overthrown in the garb of protecting democracy by a military dictator. Though ZAB had the choice either to bow down before dictator but he never compromised on the principal and finally was sent to gallows. Her daughter met the same fate while fighting for the cause of democracy.

Yesterday, Shaheed BB’s son Bilwal Bhutto Zardari held a successful procession vowing to complete the finish of her mother and chose the same container which BB was riding on October 18, 2007. He delivered a very sentimental speech and reminded PPP’ jialas of her mother and late grandfather who did win the hearts of oppress people.

Heated speeches were delivered by PPP’s leaders reiterating resolve to foil the design of undemocratic forces. They were confident that Bilawal Bhutto would revive the PPP’s popularity which was having bad time especially during Asif Zardari’s tenure due to the involvement of most of its leaders in alleged corruption.

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari very politely turned the guns against all the major political parties’ leaders including those belonging to ruling party PML-N. He recounted the sacrifices rendered by the PPP’s jialas terming them most valuable assets of the party while in the same time he crticised PTI, PAT for their ongoing confrontation with the ruling party, sit-ins. He cfame hard on Imran Khan for claiming building new Pakistan asking him what happened to the ‘New KP’? He insulted former PPP’s leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi by calling him ‘lota’.He did not even spare the Nawaz Sharif. He accused some of the ‘heavyweights’ politicians for siding with the dictators while singing the songs of democracy.He tried to represent himself true ‘waris’ of Bhutto family saying PPP is symbol of federation. He told the PM not to poke his nose into Sindh affairs. He went extra miles by claiming that time is not far away when people will chant slogans again ‘Bhutto they naaray Bajun gay’. Bilawal Bhutto failed to convince the masses in general while PPP jialas in particular as to why PPP government failed to expose the real faces involved behind the killing of Benazir Bhutto. There was no need to be so emotional by saying that doesn’t force me to call people to take the law in to their hands. He has to make every move very cautiously as masses are well aware of what is going on in the country.


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