Best Global Universities Ranking 2015: Only One Pakistani university (QAU) among the top 500 Universities

Islamabad, Nov 23 (INP): According to the latest Best Global Universities ranking 2015 announced by U.S. News & World Report, a leading U.S-based publisher of education analysis and rankings with 30 years experience, only one Pakistani university could make place among top 500 best global universities, compared to 27 universities from china, 7 from Turkey, 4 from Iran, 4 from India, 5 from Hong Kong and 3 universities from Malaysia. Even two universities from Chile clinched position among top global universities.

Quaid-i-Azam University  (QAU) in Islamabad has been ranked 496th with 27.5 global score among the 500 Best Global Universities. The university has moreover been ranked the 89th best university in Asia. Even among the top 100 Asian Universities, only QAU is included with 89 position.

The U.S. prevails as the global leader among research universities, with many U.S. universities dominating the list of top schools. Harvard University claims the No. 1 spot overall, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at No. 2 and the University of California—Berkeley at No. 3. Of the 500 institutions ranked, 134 are in the U.S. Germany follows with 42 schools, and the United Kingdom with 38 schools. China makes a strong showing, with 27 schools in the top 500.

The Best Global Universities rankings  was based on data and metrics provided by Thomson Reuters InCites research analytics solutions – focus on institutions’ research overall. The methodology weighs factors that measure a university’s global and regional reputation; academic research performance using various indicators; and institution-level data on faculty and Ph.D. graduates.

The academic circles have emphasized for concentrated and continuous  efforts  in order to improve the ranking of Pakistani universities at regional and global level.


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